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About Us

For Mountain Bikers, by Mountain Bikers. Fueled by a deep love for the thunderous power of heavy metal and the untamed thrill of mountain biking, we found a unique crossroad where these two worlds collide.

MTB Cartel - Mountain Biking is Life

MTB Cartel is not just a brand; it’s a rebellion against the ordinary, a rally cry for those who dare to defy and live by their own rules. We embody the unchained spirit of freedom, the adrenaline rush that comes from charging through the dirt, and the rebellious heart that pulses through living loud.

Our T-shirts are more than just pieces of cloth. They’re wearable statements, bursting with artwork and messages inspired by metal. Each design is a homage to the relentless pursuit of adventure and a tribute to the audacious spirit of our community.

We celebrate those who dare to tread off the beaten path, those who find solitude in the mountains and nirvana in the deafening silence broken only by the crunch of gravel under tire. This is our tribe - the fearless, the free-spirited, the trailblazers.

MTB Cartel is about strength, resilience, and an untamed thirst for adventure. Just as the hammering rhythm of a ferocious riff can set your heart racing, so can the thrill of crushing a new trail on your MTB.

We’re not just creating T-shirts; we’re crafting banners for you to wear proudly on your journey, whether it’s shredding down a flowy trail or head-banging to your favorite song.

Join us in this adventure. Embrace your rebellious spirit, get on your bike, wear your MTB Cartel T-shirt, and let’s make some noise on the trails. This is MTB Cartel... where heavy metal meets mountain biking.

MTB Cartel is a T-shirt brand that combines a passion for mountain biking and loud music. Our goal is to provide high-quality and comfortable t-shirts that embody the spirit of both. We believe in living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment, whether it's shredding trails on our bikes or rocking out to our favorite tunes.

Our brand is all about embracing the freedom and energy that comes from these activities, and we want to share that passion with the world. Based in the United States, MTB Cartel is run by a team of enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who share a common love for mountain biking and music. Join us on this wild ride and get ready to rock your MTB Cartel tee with pride!

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