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Anthem MTB Group Ride Levels

Level 1

Beginner: None – very little previous mountain biking experience. Learning the basics of bike handling, balance, and pedal technique. Pace is fairly slow and cautious.

Level 2

Novice: Can ride on flat and mild slopes, able to handle smaller obstacles like roots and small rocks. Still improving bike handling skills and starting to build endurance. Pace is slow.

Level 3

Intermediate: Comfortable with moderate inclines and declines, can handle larger obstacles and rough terrain. Has developed good bike handling skills and has decent endurance. Pace is steady and confident.

Level 4

Advanced: Can ride on steep and difficult terrain, able to handle larger obstacles and jumps. Has excellent bike handling skills, high endurance, and may participate in competitive events. Pace is fast.

Level 5

Expert: Can ride on any terrain, including extremely steep and technical trails. Able to handle all types of obstacles and jumps with skill and precision. Participates in high-level competitive events. Overall mastery of mountain biking skills and techniques. Pace is fast.

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