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10 Acronyms ALL Mountain Bikers should know!

Mountain Bike Acronym Quick List!

This list provides a friendly and informative overview of common mountain biking acronyms that every rider should know.

Adrenaline-fueled pedal pushers, welcome to the wild world of mountain biking! It’s a whole ‘nother universe with some strange lingo—but don’t you worry, we’ve got your back. We’ll walk you through all the common mountain biking acronyms you need to know so you can navigate the trails like a seasoned pro. Let’s get started: MTB (mountain bike), XC (cross country), LBS (local bike shop) and OTB (over the bars). And away we go with our Mountain Bike Acronym Quick List!

  1. MTB – Mountain Bike or Mountain Biking
  2. MTBER – Mountain Biker
  3. DH – Downhill
  4. XC – Cross Country
  5. FS – Full Suspension
  6. HT – Hardtail
  7. AM – All Mountain
  8. SS – Single Speed
  9. EMTB – Electric Mountain Biking
  10. FR – Freeride
  11. BB – Bottom Bracket
  12. FD – Front Derailleur
  13. RD – Rear Derailleur
  14. ST – Seat Tube
  15. TT – Top Tube
  16. CO2 – Carbon Dioxide
  17. LBS – Local Bike Shop
  18. OTB – Over The Bars
  19. KOM – King of the Mountain
  20. QOM – Queen of the Mountain
Mountain Bike Acronym

That’s the end of today’s Mountain Bike Acronym quick list

Now you have the knowledge to stand out amongst your fellow MTBers. You have evolved from a mere mortal biker to an extremely knowledgeable one! So, keep riding, whether it be epic mountain trails or local paths, and remember to drop some of these acronyms as you pedal. You’ll be sure to get a few quizzical stares, but that’s what being a biker is all about—embracing our community and having fun while we do it. Ride on, biker friends!

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