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10 Commandments of the Trail for MTBers

10 Commandments of the Trail for MTBers

Get ready to hit the mountain trails like a pro! Follow our 10 Commandments of the Trail for Mountain Bikers and you'll be shredding dirt and having a blast in no time.

Ah, mountain biking – the exhilarating and daring sport that has taken the world by storm! For those seeking a rush and craving an exciting adventure, this sport provides just that. But with its ever-increasing popularity and trails becoming overcrowded, it has led to some serious tension between like-bodied trail enthusiasts and other users of the same paths. Now listen up, all you heroes and heroines who love to shred – this article is here to remind you of the manners of mountain biking etiquette. You gotta show some respect and learn to play nice with everyone else out there on the trails. That way, we can all make sure that the biking experience is safe and fun for all participants, as well as being able to keep the bike trails open and accessible to whoever wants to hop on their saddle and have an awesome time.

1. Respect Other Trail Users

Yield to other trail users: Always yield to other trail users, including hikers and horseback riders. Slow down and move off the trail to allow them to pass safely.

2. Yield to Uphill Riders

Mountain bikers going uphill need more effort and concentration to ride. When you are going downhill, give them priority and allow them to finish their climb uninterrupted.

3. Leave No Trace

Mountain biking trails are shared by many people and animals. Dispose of your trash properly and leave nothing behind but your tire tracks.

4. Keep It Down

Mountain biking can be exciting and thrilling, but keep in mind that excessive noise can disturb other trail users and wildlife. Keep the volume down on your music and avoid shouting or whooping. Remember, you’re enjoying the natural environment, so respect it.

5. Stay on the trail

Mountain biking is all about the adrenaline of the ride, but try to stay on the designated trail. If you come across an obstacle, get off your bike and walk it around to avoid damaging the trail or frustrating other riders.

6. Use Your Bell

When cycling on shared trails, use a bell or a friendly greeting to alert hikers, runners, or other bikers to your presence. It’s a small thing that can help prevent accidents and maintain a positive atmosphere for all users.

7. Control Your Speed

Always ride at a speed that allows you to stay in control and avoid collisions with other riders, hikers or animals.

8. Pass Safely

Always pass other riders with caution and give them plenty of room. Slow down and pass on the left if possible.

9. Be Mindful of Wildlife

Avoid disturbing wildlife, especially during nesting or mating seasons. Slow down and give animals plenty of space to move off the trail, and don’t approach them too closely.

10. Stay on designated trails

Don’t cut switchbacks or create your own trails. Stay on designated trails to avoid damaging the environment and the trails.

And that’s a wrap

Time to shred the dirt and leave your worries behind! This guide to mountain biking trail etiquette gives ya the skinny on keeping it fun and safe while you ride. We don’t just want good times for you, but also want to help protect our trails for those who come after us. If you have funny or helpful ideas to share with the pack, leave a comment below. See ya on the trails! Ride fast and fly higher!

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